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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | July 5, 2020

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3 of the most fresh seafood restaurants in Barcelona

3 of the most fresh seafood restaurants in Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

Barcelona, a city known for its art and architecture also offers some of the most fresh seafood any tourist or local would love. Right off the coast Barcelona is a port city that brings in fresh seafood everyday for its restaurants and markets. These are some of the most famous seafood restaurants that Barcelona offers and the city welcomes you to indulge in its most favorable seafood dishes.

El Nacional: La Llotja

El Nacional is a multiquadrant experience filled with many different culinary options to satisfy any parties cravings. One of four restaurants located in El Nacional is La Llotja. La Llotja specializes in fresh fish and your choice of preparation: oven, charcoaled or grilled, steamed, fried or on the griddle. As well La Llotja  offers a variety of fish soups, basic fish dishes and stews.

€€ Price range €11-20

El Nacional La Llotja

El Nacional La Llotja


Since 1966, Barceloneta has been innovating, challenging and developing new and improved gastronomic skills and quality for their customers. You are able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Barcelona seafront and the Barcelona port as well as the option of wine pairings with Barcelona’s finest seafood.

€€€ Price range €21-40

restaurant barceloneta

Restaurant Barceloneta


At the just the age of 24 Andres Gaspar: founder and director of Somorrostro, had the idea of creating a organic restaurant that promotes the use of clean, fresh food while at the same time creating dishes that follow with current culinary trends. Each week the menu changes based on the seasonal produce and what was caught that week at the Barcelona fish port.




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