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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 7, 2020

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3 things to do in Sant Jordi

3 things to do in Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi, on April 23, is one of the most special days in Barcelona. The streets are filled with book and flower  stalls, as the tradition says that on this day you have to give to a loved one a book and a rose. This day, although it has varied since its inception, is inspired by the legend of Sant Jordi that after saving a dragon from the princess saw how the blood of the beast became a rosebush.


Although Sant Jordi is a working day, many activities are usually organized in the city. Most of them are focused on embracing culture and love. The latter is due to the fact that many compare Sant Jordi with San Valentín, known worldwide. Want to know the three things  you have to do for sure on this special day?

Buy a book and a flower – The day of Sant Jordi has the book as the protagonist. Also due to the fact that it coincides with International Book Day. Thus, the book stands extend along the Ramblas, the Paseo de Gràcia and in many important points of each neighborhood. The rose is the other special element of this day. The flower symbolizes love and, traditionally, it is given to the lover. For this reason, you will find stands with this flower everywhere.

Eat the Sant Jordi bread – Sant Jordi bread is made with cheese and sobrasada, a very typical ingredient of the area. The bakeries prepare a special baking to dye this day of the colors of Catalonia.

Sant Jprdi Barcelona

Sant Jordi bread (

Join a cultural activity – Recitals, book signings, workshops … The city is filled with activities related to culture for all audiences. Families, couples and friends can find tailor-made activities in many parts of the city: do not miss out on museums, galleries and bookstores.

Sant Jordi Barcelona

Sant Jordi (El Periódico)

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