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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | July 11, 2020

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Affordable European Clothing Brands

Affordable European Clothing Brands
Rent Top Apartment team

Barcelona is known for high street fashion. Everyone wants to be a trendsetter, but can’t afford the luxury, expensive names. No worries because there’s tons of brands that offer those international styles at an affordable price. You can also shop at these retail stores online if you are looking for that European style in the United States. Check out these high fashion affordable and trending European brands.

Trendsetting European Clothing Brands


Mango is a very well-known Spanish brand. Although they have gained a large interest from international shoppers with their online store. They offer women, men and kid styles.  One of their signature pieces is their chic and cheap leather, which is a staple in Spanish style.

Affordable European Clothing Brands


This brand is Barcelona based and known for their intricate patchwork and colorful prints. If you are looking for that special event outfit for a concert, party or night out this is the store for you. They offer styles for men, women and children. A favorite for Spain locals and foreigners abroad.

Affordable European Clothing Brands

Pull & Bear

Popularly known for their urban, edgy, and trendy styles. Although they also specialize in that grunge and comfortable city street look. They offer styles for young men and women looking to set trends for every season. Looking for a pleather red cherry skirt or sequence dress Pull & Bear has you covered.

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