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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | October 29, 2020

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Alonso’s collection in Madrid

Alonso’s collection in Madrid

Fernando Alonso Collection in Madrid is the most ambitious show that has ever been held about a Formula One driver. More than two hundred seventy objects make up this collection, of which the highlights include Formula One single-seaters, formula feeders and many of the karts which the Asturian racing driver has driven in his sporting career.

This extraordinary private collection is complemented by audiovisual presentations, interactive spaces and parallel activities that offer a complete perspective on Formula One racing and that help you get to know Fernando Alonso, one of the most important Spanish athletes in history.
A number of complementary educational activities have been organised within the exhibition framework, aimed at school students and children in general.

Fernando Alonso’s Collection

For the first time ever, the public will get to see the cars, suits and trophies amassed by the Asturian, the only Spaniard to have won the Formula 1 World Championship on two occasions.
The show at Canal Exhibition Centre in Madrid features karts, single-seaters and other objects from Alonso’s private collection, spanning his entire sporting career.
The selection includes heartwarming pieces such as Alonso’s first race suit, hand sewn by his mother for his first competition at the age of three, although the highlight for kids is sure to be his trophies and cars.
‘Visitors will get the chance to see several of the single-seaters that Alonso has driven: from his first kart to the vehicles he has raced with from 1999 to 2011 for Minardi, Renault, McLaren and Ferrari, his current team, according to the organization.
In addition to exhibiting cars, suits, boots, helmets and gloves, the Fernando Alonso Foundation will also be offering workshops and activities to raise awareness about road safety, one of the Foundation’s commitments.

These consist of workshops, guided visits and dossiers that inform students and teachers on the exhibition content in an entertaining and educational way. Their aim is to reinforce knowledge related to the vehicle sector, for example, physics and maths, yet also emphasise everything to do with road safety for young people.
All guided visits and workshops run in the Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal are supervised by a specialized monitor. All information on the official webpage.

The Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal was inaugurated in Madrid in November 2004. It is located in one of the compartments of the Cuarto Depósito underground water tank belonging to the Canal de Isabel II Gestión, built in the early twentieth century. It is nine metres below ground and was able to store over 140 million litres of water.
The exhibition hall preserves its appearance of an old reservoir, with its 144 brick arches, rising more than 7.5 metres high. It offers visitors a unique and striking sight, resembling an ancient mosque.
Since opening to the public, more than two and a half million visitors have passed through the exhibition space, which has positioned itself as one of the foremost exhibition referents not simply at a regional level but also nationally and internationally.

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