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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | March 29, 2020

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Avoid being a tourist in Barcelona with these tips (part 2)

Avoid being a tourist in Barcelona with these tips (part 2)

Of course we know you do not want to avoid or forget about the biggest sights and attractions Barcelona has to offer, however, if you want to escape from big crowds and high prices, here is the second part of our tips, for you to avoid being a tourist in the city.

Remember we already wrote about the first five activities or spots that may have nicer alternatives, here are the next 5:

6. Tour buses vs City Buses
If you cannot stand sightseeing buses full of visitors and only passing by the Sagrada Familia or other spots, then the best option is definitely you merge with locals on the city buses lines. They get you everywhere and their cost is definitely much cheaper.

7. Modernisme (Art Noveau)
No doubt La Pedrera or Casa Batlló are top outstanding examples of Gaudí’s modernisme, however, such movement gave to the city other interesting buildings and construction not the be missed. For instance: Casa Colomat, Hotel Casa Fuster, Casa Vicenç, l’Hivernacle or Torre Bellesguard. All of them can be as impressive as the most known Gaudi houses.

torre bellesguard

8. Markets
The Mercat de la Boqueria is amazingly lively and colorful, but sometimes too crowded. The best option is to move to other city markets instead. Some like Abaceria or Llibertat (in Gracia neighborhood or even el Ninot are perfect alternatives. Local buyers, incredible food and even genuine bars and restaurants within that worth’s the visit.

9. Passeig de Gracia vs Carrer Verdi
One of the most majestic avenues in Barcelona is Passeig de Gracia, true. However, if you are looking for another sort of comercial streets full of local affordable shops, then your choice should be Carrer Verdi or Carretera de Sants. Maybe less glamorous but equally enjoyable.

carrer verdi

10. Souvenir shops
Some stores in the center are known for offering bad quality souvenirs, some times not related to the city or our culture. The best alternative is to move to shops like Wawas or Oslo, which we already talked some months ago.

So if you are planning your visit to Barcelona and you are looking for great luxury apartments, Rent Top Apartments is your best choice.


  1. Great tips. I love Barcelona. You should go there on Championship. Més que un club… tenim un nom el sap tothom: Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

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