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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | March 29, 2020

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Barcelona y Andy Warhol

Barcelona y Andy Warhol

Until November 25 you can visit the exhibition “From Factory to the world: photography to the Warhol community“, an exhibition that is at the center of the image, in the Virreina palace, on the Ramblas street in Barcelona.

Barcelona y Andy Warhol

This interesting exhibition shows an unknown portrait of Andy Warhol‘s universe. Beyond his legendary pop-art and his most known characteristics, beyond his statements, there is the mythical Factory, a place where all his artist friends gathered and the ideas flowed. Now, with this exhibition, we can enter into this universe. The result of this exploration: pictures that equally shocked that fascinate.
Christopher Makos, Billy Name and Jonas Mekas, among other photographers portray the evolution of the Factory from the 60s to the disappearance of the artist. In the first period we find compilations of pictures about Warhol and his friends, photographs of great personalities who passed through the studio. As Warhol becomes more famous and mediatic, we see an evolution of the photographs that move the focus more on hir figure and hir obsessions as an exhaustive exploration of the male body in its nakedness.

Away from his colorful and massive art, this black and white exhibition shows the intimacy of the great artist and all his friends, and for those who are unaware, it shows that the Factory was a place of ideas, but also, parties, drugs, music and “debauchery”.
The exhibition is complemented by a very interesting video that contains a series of images in super 8 about the Andy Warhol’s life, beginning with the first concert that made his group The Velvet Underground, and focusing primarily on those images that show the everyday life, as Warhol relationship with his friends.
For more information about the exhibition you can check the official website.

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