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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | July 11, 2020

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Barcelona Fashion 101

Barcelona Fashion 101
Rent Top Apartment team

Do you have a passion for fashion? If so you are going to thrive in the city of Barcelona, where the people take fashion to a whole new level. The people here love to be comfortable, simple, chic and stylish for every occasion. You will rarely see anyone out and about in sweatpants, unless they are headed to workout. The common color scheme is fairly simple white, beige, light blue and black. Casual looks include button downs, light jackets, and sweaters for both men and women. Here’s some of the most popular and common looks in Barcelona.

Barcelona Fashion 101

White Sneakers

When walking down the street about 95% of people will be wearing white sneakers. The most popular brands would be Nike, Converse and Filas. This makes perfect sense when living in a city because people have to walk EVERYWHERE! Sneakers can be worn for almost every occasion, whether that be school, work or even the club.Although some clubs do have a strict dress code, but just make sure to double check otherwise sneakers are thee move for almost any outfit.

Barcelona Fashion 101


Whether it’s a light accent or heavy duty scarf for those colder months. Patterned or plain scarves make the perfect accessory, especially in times when you are in need of a pop of color. They will be seen in spring, fall and winter fashion.

Barcelona Fashion 101

Striped Shirts

The black and white or white and red striped shirt is such a foreign look for basically all of Europe. If you want to blend or don’t know what to wear the basic striped shirt is the look you should go for. It can be paired with jeans, slacks, shorts, and skirts. You can spot one at least on every street corner.

Barcelona Fashion 101

Light Jackets

No matter the season light jackets can be paired with anything. In the fall and winter is when the breeze starts to settle in, so wear a light jean jacket or sweater vest. Layers are also the key to Spanish fashion.

Barcelona Fashion 101

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are a great fashion accessory and have multi-purpose use. Whether that be for shopping, groceries, or holding your school books. Everywhere you go you are sure to see a canvas bag in use. A plus is that they are an environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastics or weak paper bags!

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