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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | February 18, 2020

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Barça and Madrid, the eternal rivalry

Barça and Madrid, the eternal rivalry
  • On December 6, 2011

Both cities are beautiful, rich and make people from around the world, fall in love with them. In a touristic way, they are part of the top destinies chosen every year for holiday. In a political way, Barcelona is the capital of a territory where a wide part of the population feels having a distinctive culture, the Catalan one, which often finds different answers to the reality, regarding the Spanish ones.

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

This political separation between the Spanish country and the Catalan territory is also observed in the sport’s world. The Catalan selections fight to have official representation in the world competitions, but meanwhile, the Catalan players join the Spanish selection as the only legal group.

But the most famous rivalry has its place in the football area. The Barça (FC Barcelona) and the Madrid (Real Madrid) are the eternal rivals of the Spanish league. They usually dispute the first position, but even when there are other players around, the rivalry existing between these two teams is something that goes further than the simple victory.

This is why a Barça – Madrid match is one of the major events of Spain. The match is followed by almost every single inhabitant of the peninsula, and maybe of the world. It is not only a political and cultural meeting, but an exhibition of the best football of the planet.

Recently, the separation between the two teams is getting bigger and bigger. The philosophy of their coaches, Josep Guardiola (Barça) and Jose Mourinho (Madrid) seem to be as opposite as their colors or their fans: The perspective of the game, the way to deal with the incidents, the way to act and react, etc. Being a Madrid’s follower is impossible to match with being a Barça’s lover. And the same in the opposite case.

Spain has some of the best cities to visit, and two of the biggest and best football teams of the world at this moment. The rivalry is more than evident, something which is about proud, and philosophy, and sport, and politics. Something magic, which needs to be lived in a Madrid-Barça match, either in Madrid or Barcelona.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid

If you plan to visit Madrid or Barcelona next year, we recommend you to buy some tickets for the sooner match between these teams. If you appreciate the good sport’s celebration and want to see the best football of the moment, you definitely can’t miss it.

And to help you stay in the most comfortable conditions, there is only one possible option: the holiday rentals, located in the most privileged districts of Madrid and Barcelona. They are wide, beautiful and smart temporary flats, known as the most exclusive top rent apartments available in Spain.



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