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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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Barcelona cycling tours

Barcelona cycling tours

There is no doubt that one of the best features of Barcelona is its comfort and the fact that it is on a human scale. It ‘s a great little town, which can be visited by foot. But, perhaps, the most pleasant way to get around Barcelona is by bicycle.

Bici Cultura BCN is organising guided tours of various parts of the city with the aim of promoting increased use of the bicycle as a habitual means of transport in urban areas. The objective is to provide an architectural and urbanistic perspective of the city in groups of about fifteen people.

The routes, which may be tailor-made, depending on the demand, are organised in areas such as the city centre, providing an overall view of the city, the seafront, providing a privileged view of the city from the coast, or the 22@ Poblenou, which has been transformed from an industrial area into the predominant technological hub of the city.

Barcelona cycling tours


The routes are open to foreign students visiting the city, the general public, or groups of Barcelona residents, and these last two groups may request more specialised routes, for example, a tour of the Eixample district patios, which have been converted into public spaces.

The tours generally last from three to four hours and are suitable for beginners in that they stick to more-or-less level areas, avoid uphill stretches and, wherever possible, make use of bicycle lanes. Partakers have a choice of using their own bikes or renting. In addition, Bici Cultura BCN have already organised alternative routes as part of La Semana de la Mobilitat (Mobility Week) which takes place in Barcelona from the 22nd to the 29th of September.

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