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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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Barcelona’s best ice cream

Barcelona’s best ice cream

A holiday is not a real holiday without at least one good ice cream right? And with the warm August weather you can not go wrong with a sweet gelato to give you that energy boost you need to keep exploring the city streets.

Like most cities these days, especially the ones with a warm climate, Barcelona has many places to get your ice cream fix. From fancy and stylish gelaterias to more traditional ice cream shops. From organic to rainbow colours. From fruity to chocolate. There sure is an ice cream for everyone! Here are five of our favourite places to go for an ice cream while exploring the city or after a day of lazing around on the beach.

Left: Pistachio Gelato. Right: Gelaaati Di Marco. Photo:

Left: Pistachio Gelato. Right: Gelaaati Di Marco. Photo:

1) One of Barcelona’s most popular and famous ice cream shops is “Gelaaati Di Marco”. The founder of the shop is Italian and he is dedicated to serve you the best Italian gelato possible. At this shop you can find a great variety of flavours, from more traditional ones like pistachio to exciting, creative ones like chilli chocolate and Crema Catalana. What we love about Gelaaati Di Marco is that they use natural ingredients and stay clear of artificial colouring and preservatives. They also cater for people with a gluten free, lactose free or vegan diet.
Address: Carrer de la Llibreteria, 7

2) You might have heard of the Italian gelateria “Amorino” before. Two Italian friends started this shop in 2002 and it has really taken off since then. They have shops around the world by now. However, the quality of the ice cream is still wonderful. Like at Gelaaati Di Marco, the people of Amorino like to use natural ingredients to create their ice cream and don’t use any artificial colours or flavours. Their goal? To show you the magic of authentic traditional Italian gelato.
Address: Las Ramblas, 125 / Carrer de Portaferrissa, 7 / Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre / Las Arenas Shopping Centre

3) “Sirvent” is quite a different ice cream shop than the two shops mentioned before. It’s a real Catalan shop that was opened in 1920. It earned most of its fame for it’s summery drink “Horchata” and it’s “Turron”, a Catalan type of nougat. But it’s home made ice cream is also very popular and well loved amongst locals.  Read more here, about the very refreshing Horchata if you are keen for something different than ice cream!
Address: Carrer del Parlament, 56 / Carrer de Balmes, 130

4) Another great gelateria is “Delacrem”. Once again an Italian ice cream shop that was started by an Italian. This lovely shop is all about artisanal ice cream made of the best pure and natural ingredients. All ice cream is made fresh every day and it’s all gluten free. There are also vegan and low fat options available. If you fancy a good coffee you have nothing to worry about here and there are all types of delicious sweets to go with that. It’s a nice little bar where you can sit down to enjoy the sweet of your choice and outside they have a nice terrace on a pleasant shady green street corner in the hip neighbourhood Eixample.
Address: Carrer d’Enric Granados, 15

5) Last but not least. We cannot fail to mention “Eyescream and Friends”. This is a completely different experience than any of the other ice cream shops mentioned before. Their product is a combination between ice cream and sorbet and what sets them apart from the rest is mainly the way of serving. Instead of a scoop, you will get thin slices of ice cream pilled up on a tray. You can choose two different toppings with your sliced ice cream. And to top it all of, the ice cream pile gets two goggly eyes that stare up at you as if to see how fast you can devour this pile of sweet goodness!
Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 30

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