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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | March 29, 2020

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The most incredible bars in Barcelona

The most incredible bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city. Every corner is a surprise. Even its locals fit this spirit and make originality their main feature. Today we present three of the most amazing bars in Barcelona.

Ice bar Barcelona

Open since november 2007, Icebarcelona has become a must see in the city, close to the Olympic Port. Frequented so for locals as for tourists, the icebar is a perfect place to enjoy an original and very amusing experience.
The icebar is a lounge completely made of ice (walls, furnishing, bar) where you will gaze at amazing sculptures, while you enjoy a cocktail, juice or beer at a tempurature of -5ºC ! Don´t worry; as soon as you arrive you will be provided of fashionable furry artic-style jackets and gloves.
The lounge design, lighting and sculptures are renewed periodically, with assorted sculptures and a bar inspired in the barcelonian art decó from the beginning of the former century.
The average visit lasts 45 minutes. When you are already shivering with fun, you will also find a relaxed terrace perfect for an al fresco cocktail right in front of the Mediterranean sea.

Pipa’s Club Barcelona

There is another ‘secret bar’ in Barcelona, it’s the Pipa’s Club and you need to press the buzzer to be let inside. A contrast to the bustle of Plaza Reial, where it is, it has a care-free atmosphere and there isn’t a lot of tourist in sight. Prices are more reasonable than in the Plaza Reial and you are sure to be charmed by the Sherlock Holmes atmosphere! In fact, despite the new smoking laws in Spain, you can still enjoy a pipe with friends here.

El Bosc de les Fades Barcelona

El Bosc de les Fades
(the forest of the fairies) is another attraction that you should not miss, especially if you love the fantasy genre, with gnomes, fairies, streams, caves and enchanted lakes.
It is just a few meters from the Ramblas, close to the statue of Columbus, and immediately adjacent to the Wax Museum. You can also access it directly by passing through an original toy store. It’s like a thematic bar, where, if you are lucky, you will also live a really storm with thunder and lightning, while you’re quietly sipping a beer.

So, you’ve got it. Barcelona is a city full of surprises. Book one of our luxury apartments in the city center or in one with a sea view and you can enjoy an amazing holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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