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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 3, 2020

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If you want a whole spanish experience, learn how to sleep siesta

If you want a whole spanish experience, learn how to sleep siesta

If you are planning to travel to Spain you would like to know the most typical souvenir. In order to have a whole spanish experience, you have to learn how to sleep siesta and how it will help you in your life. Choose a nice bed after the meal and rest a little bit, once you made it once you will always do it again. These are the benefits of sleeping a siesta:

  • Increase alertness. A NASA study found greater surveillance measures in the pilot after a nap of 40 minutes compared to the pilots who did not rest . Even just with 20 minutes is enough. Even after a 10 minute nap, the students react much better and work much better in their dayly jobs and studies.
  • It will help you when you need to learn or to work hard: Many doctors confirm that brain activity is still higher in those people that take a nap everyday compared to people not taking a break, according to a 2008 study .
  • It makes you more creative: If you ever wake up suddenly with the solution to what ‘s bothering you , you should know that after a nap a burst of activity in the right hemisphere occurs, the more strongly linked to creativity side , reported the site . A previous study found that specially when you sleep a little longer , that it will help you with your concentration, one of the most important reasons of the creative people. We are sure that Dali, Pablo Picasso or Severo Ochoa sleep a siesta everyday: that is the reason of their success.
  • It makes you more productive: Experts agree that an afternoon nap is in fact the opposite of laziness at work , as the nap can improve work output . A short nap can be the boost needed for employees, said researcher Sara Mednick, maybe even more than a cup of coffee in the afternoon.
  • Improve your mood: Think about the last time you were with a child who had not napped . Not a pretty picture , right? Drowsiness and irritability associated not feeling well , even in adulthood , who learned that we should not throw tantrums , but the discomfort lasts . A quick nap is an injection well documented mood .
  • Eliminate stress : The main reason that makes you smile would be, of course, taking a nap that might give you the relaxation that you need for your dayly life.

Now it is time to sleep a small siesta and prove the benefits of this world famous spanish tradition in your own body. If your choice is Barcelona, don’t forget to get the best accommodation for a siesta deluxe, wheather if you are staying at the city centre or by the sea. Rent Top Apartments offers you exclusive apartments at the best locations. Don’t you want to live the #WorryFree experience?

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