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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | June 17, 2019

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Best art in Barcelona

Best art in Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

Lovers of painting, photography, sculpture and art in general: here you have a selection of the best exhibitions you can currently find in museums and galleries in Barcelona. A great opportunity to discover everything the city has to offer through art.

Liberxin. Pop and new artistic practices. 1966-1971

For some years now, the MNAC has opted to research and disseminate the work of post-war and second Catalan avant-garde artists. The exhibition rediscovers singular figures, like Mari Chordà, Aurelia Muñoz, Jordi Galí, along with others, let’s say, classics, like Antoni Miralda, Zush / Evru and Carles Santos.

best art in barcelona5

Enric Sió

Stanley Kubrick

The CCCB exhibition is mind-blowing, a gateway to the mind of the genius. From his beginnings as a photographer in the magazine ‘Look’ or as a documentary filmmaker on the life of boxer Walter Cartier to all the projects he left unfinished.

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Stanley Kubrick

Lee Miller and Surrealism in the Great Britain

The photographer Lee Miller is the core theme of the new Fundació Miró exhibition, which, through the British artist, delves into British surrealism. The exhibition includes pieces by Man Ray, Paul Nash, Salvador Dalí, Eileen Agar, Max Ernst, Henry Moore, Leonora Carrington, Yves Tanguy, Roland Penrose, Lee Miller herself and Miró.

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Lee Miller

Picasso – Picabia

The Mapfre Foundation brings together two fundamental artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso and Francis Picabia, based on their real or imaginary links. The exhibition begins with cubism, moves towards the Dada movement and the subsequent return to the 1920s, ending with a selection of the last works of the two artists.

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Pablo Picasso

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