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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | February 22, 2020

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Best beer bars in Barcelona part 1

Best beer bars in Barcelona part 1
Rent Top Apartment team

Craft beer is so popular in Barcelona. And while commercial beers are good here, craft beers are even more so! That’s why in today’s post we’ll show you some of our favorites spots. Stay tuned, because next week we’ll reveal a few more.

Bier Cab

Bier Cab is located in the Eixample district of Barcelona. In their portfolio you’ll find 30 beer taps of national and international beer. The decoration here is contemporary and it has a wooden finish that makes you feel at home. For every beer lover, this place will become a meeting point.

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Brew Dog

Brew Dog is a classic in town. It’s a microbrewery of Scottish origin that has overcome the cliché that low production breweries could not be sustainable.  They have their own beers but also guest beers that rotate frequently. If you are hungry, you can try their tapas and hot dishes.

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Garage Beer Co

Garage Beer Co brings all the passion of the beer lover. The place is decorated as a real garage/warehouse and has 8 beer taps. They offer beer pairings and our recommendation is that you try the porchetta sandwich with a seasonal ale.

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