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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 25, 2019

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Best tacos in Barcelona

Best tacos in Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

The tacos are part of the famous Mexican culture and its street food. This way of life has quickly become a trend in Barcelona for those who want to enjoy the most authentic Mexican food or simply to give themselves a treat at a very reasonable price. Let’s take a look at our favorite Mexican tacos restaurants here.


It is a proof of how a “foreigner” in Mexico can bring the best of Mexican cuisine back to his native country. Joan Bagur, Oxaca‘s chef, wants to recover the country’s oldest dishes. Eating the house’s “tatemeado” octopus is priceless. In addition, once you have finished all the delicacies offered in the menu, you can go through the mezcalería they have in the next restaurant, where you can try more than 250 brands of Mezcal.

Best tacos in Barcelona3

Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana

The Taqueria

It is an example of how to perform Mexican street food at its best. Its main specialty are tacos, which stand out in their variety and elaboration, where some have more than 50 ingredients. The treatment is very close and also the prices are very reasonable.

Best tacos in Barcelona1

BCN Restaurantes

Hijo of Mendez

The alternative and modern style in combination with Mexican cuisine has given birth to Hijo de Mendez. Located in the upper area of Barcelona, it gives an example of a Mexican cuisine low in fat and at the same time very tasty. Here the product and the technique are the main characters. If you decide to visit this restaurant note the vegetarian tacos with hibiscus flower or the michelada of the house.

Best tacos in Barcelona2

El Tenedor


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