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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 7, 2020

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Breakfast in barcelona has never been so entertaining

Breakfast in barcelona has never been so entertaining
Rent Top Apartment team

While some ignore to eat early in the morning, others enjoy true delicacies that give them the energy and joy of starting the morning off. We are clearly from the second group. Whether you like salty, sweet or pungent, we’ve brought you a list of unique places to enjoy the best breakfast in Barcelona.

Satan’s Coffee Corner

If you can’t live without morning coffee, this is your place. In the oldest part of the city, the Gothic, you will find Satan’s Coffee Corner, the Mecca of specialty coffee and the most daring breakfasts. Why daring? Because it is one of the few places where you can have Japanese breakfast, such as a “choy Syoku”, a combination with rice, omelette and miso soup.

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Casa Bonay


If you’re on the sweet side and want to enjoy it in the most traditional way, Brunells will satisfy these desires super fast. Because in this mythical place you can find the best croissants, sunflower biscuits and “carquinyolis” (a sweet made with dry pasta and almonds). This sweet tooth is just a sample of why such an important place has become a reference point for all tourists.


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La Cocina d’en Garriga

Are you ready to go? Because in the next place you must have a good stomach as a passport. The knife and fork are the key pieces on every table in the room. Its dishes, generous and with quality products, have become an attraction. Try their formula of fried eggs with bacon maldonado or the homemade foie gras.

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El Flako

Whether you’ve had enough of cereal and milk since you were a kid, you have no excuse to not try it again. It is proclaimed as the first “cereal coffee bar” of Barcelona and their selection is not short either. You can choose from more than 70 flakes varieties!

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