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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | June 18, 2018

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Casa Decor Barcelona 2012

Casa Decor Barcelona 2012

Casa Decor in Barcelona, from ​​November 8 to December 9 2012, is recognized as the most important and prestigious European decor exhibition. Casa Decor is a unique communication platform that connects professional, commercial firms and general public.
An exclusive gateway where interior, architecture and design professionals show not only an aesthetic proposal, but also thier excellence in working. A showcase open to the public, in which firms have the unique opportunity to present their products, whether materials and coatings, furniture, electronics and innovative construction solutions.

Casa Decor 2012 Barcelona

The event consists of two annual editions, one in Madrid, during the months of May and June and another in Barcelona, ​​between November and December.
The project starts with the choice of a landmark distinguished building of the city, which is restored in an exemplary way by hundreds of professional teams of interior designers, architects and landscapers. Also participate artists and designers, art galleries and organizacions that wish to show their works and products to the thousands of visitors that come to visit Casa Decor.

The building chosen in Barcelona is in Carrer d’Arago 271, and it’s a unique property where you can apreciate two different eras of the twentieth century. Undoubtedly, the Carrer d’Arago building offers an exceptional space to develop all kinds of social, cultural and business activities.
During a month, Casa Decor is buzzing with events and news, a vanguard and trends scenario, where everything is possible. An open forum for all kind of activities: meetings, conferences, photos, presentations, tastings … An exclusive showroom for firms, companies and professionals who wish to display their products, services or works.

In each exhibition, Casa Decor shows not only the decorative edge trends, but also the latest materials and construction solutions for the future. Because Casa Decor is the home of the future. Everything comes in it will in a few years to households worldwide. All information on the official webpage of Casa Decor 2012.

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