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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 23, 2019

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Gastronomy in Barcelona

The best Donut places in Barcelona

August 19, 2019 |

Donut stress, we got you, below we have some of the most delicious donuts Barcelona has to offer. Ranging from beautiful glazed to drenched in sprinkles and chocolate, any and all of your donut cravings will be resolved. We … Read More

Best Avocado Toast places in Barcelona

August 13, 2019 |

Avocado toast is taking over the world, not only appropriate for breakfast anymore, avocado toast recipes are being taken to lunch and dinner menus. Finding amazing avocado toast can be hard, between having the perfectly ripe avocado to the … Read More

Delicious Banana bread in Barcelona

August 8, 2019 |

Banana bread is one of those things that will never get old. Whether you were young and your family member always baked it for the holidays or you’re an adult and love having it with your morning cup of … Read More

3 Mouth Watering Nachos in Barcelona

August 1, 2019 |

Whether its hot or cold, feeling hungover or hungry, nachos are cure for it all. Whether you prefer specialty or classic, nachos are perfect for any occasion. These amazing locations offer vegetarian or meat nachos that are filled with … Read More

Organic Affordable Grocery Stores in Barcelona

July 24, 2019 |

Grocery shopping can be pretty difficult especially if you’re in a new country, finding an organic grocery store can be even harder. Some have this misconception that organic grocery shopping can be very expensive, but people just don’t know … Read More

3 amazing Frozen yogurt places in Barcelona

July 22, 2019 |

Frozen yogurt, or maybe sometimes confused with gelato is one of the amazing delights of life. Lighter than ice cream but just as delicious, frozen yogurt is perfect for anybody. Whether you are craving sweet or salty, these frozenRead More

Top Ramen places in Barcelona

July 15, 2019 |

Who doesn’t love a good ramen recipe? From classic to specialty ramen, these noodles will have you going crazy. Ramen has become such a trendy food item you could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ranging from vegetarian, … Read More

Yummy French Fry Locations in Barcelona

July 4, 2019 |

Between the classic and creative recipes, you can never go wrong with french fries. No matter where you go in the world french fries are everywhere but finding the perfect french fries can be hard. These are some amazing … Read More

Best Vegetarian Paella in Barcelona

June 26, 2019 |

Arume Barcelona

Delish, authentic and fresh Arume offers an array of paella options for vegetarians. Between rice and noodle paella they offer not only different bases, they offer different vegetables. With an array of different vegetarian paella you will … Read More

Best Iced coffee spots in Barcelona

June 20, 2019 |

Ever tried ordering Iced coffee in Europe and having the person look at you like your crazy? YES! Well unfortunately iced coffee is not a popular thing amongst locals in Barcelona, but here are some amazing gems that will … Read More