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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | June 17, 2019

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Christmas with kids in Barcelona

Christmas with kids in Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

Do you decide to travel with your kids to Barcelona? It is a very good choice because the city has many surprises prepared for your little ones.

La Ciutat dels Somriures

During the days of Christmas the Plaza Cataluña will be dressed with lights, activities and workshops for the young ones. This year the protagonist will be Mr. Winter, a puppet 4 meters high. In addition, the show will include play areas such as the Toy Store, the Sports Store, the Bookstore and the Rhythm of the Street.

Christmas with kids in Barcelona3

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Christmas in the Aquarium

Among fish, this offer will surprise even the most adult, having fun while swimming over 3-meter sharks is something that rarely happens. The Aquarium presents a Christmas full of activities, including a Catalan tradition such as El Caga Tio.

Christmas with kids in Barcelona4

Aquarium de Barcelona

Factory of the Three Kings

The old Fabra i Coats factory will become the Factory of the Three Kings during the Christmas season. Inside its facilities you will be able to visualize how the whole process works, from the moment they receive the letters until they prepare the gifts to be sent.

Christmas with kids in Barcelona2

Xevi Bayona


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