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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 3, 2020

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The El Corte Inglés Race

The El Corte Inglés Race

The El Corte Inglés Race is one of the most important popular races in the world. On Sunday, 7 April, the El Corte Ingles Race celebrates its thirty fifth edition with the goal of maintaining its European leadership, strengthen its global second position in the international ranking of popular athletic races, and overcome the magic number of two million of participants throughout its long history. The race stars from Palaza Catalunya.

In this edition, the Race consolidates its solidarity nature, initiated in 1986, with the partnership with the Stroke Foundation, Malaltia Vascular.
Anonymous participants are the protagonist of the race and that is the reason becouse the El Corte Inglés Race continues to generate an admirable collective illusion. This is his a great success.
The El Corte Inglés Race held its first edition in 1979, with the participation of 17,184 people, of which approximately 85% were amateur participants. In 1994 the participation was of 109,457 people, a number that still remains unbeaten today, setting a Guinness record still unsurpassed. In its latest edition, the El Corte Inglés Race was attended by 54,795 people. In total there were 1,724,078 people who have run the race over its 30 year history.

The El Corte Inglés Race has become an international prestige sport happening, becouse it perfectly combines the usual festive nature of a so massive event with rigor, control and reliability that is required to any athletic competitions, that in this case is supported by the Catalan Federation of Athletics. All info on the official webpage of the race.

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