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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 3, 2020

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Dance in Barcelona

Dance in Barcelona

Right in the middle of Barcelona, a new musical stronghold for nightlife lovers has emerged: La Boîte Barcelona. Barcelona’s discerning musos don’t necessarily normally associate the Ramblas with quality and innovative music. You know, the super-tourist Rambla it’s not always a quality guarantee… But maybe something it’s changing.

The Mas i Mas group has bought the old Sala Tabú at number 33 La Rambla, a legendary Barcelona nightclub during the fifties and sixties, and turned it into a discotheque focusing on electronic dance music shading towards black. La Boîte’s music policy is one that they de¬scribe as “dance black house”.
That means the club is widening the range of sounds offered by the Mas i Mas group’s other venues a few metres away from the new site: the techno that shakes the walls of the Moog in Carrer Arc del Teatre, the uncompromising hip hop and R&B rhythms that flood the Jamboree, and the pop and rock beats inviting you to dance at Tarantos, both the latter in Plaça Reial. To this musical trio is added La Boîte Barcelona, with dance and black house sessions run by DJ Tanke.
La Boîte will open every night from midnight to 5am (Fridays and Saturdays until 6am) with a squad of resident DJs who will get you moving with eclectic sessions of electronic music, including everything from electrohouse to nu disco, tech house and commercial dance: styles whose common denominator is their black influence. DJ Tanke, who is in charge of the musical line at the new club, is a tremendously versatile artist who has matured working for clubs with different personalities, such as White Club, Shoko Barcelona, the Jamboree and Liquid. This has made him an uninhibited musical philanthropist capable of mixing diverse styles and making them converge in his own coherent and very effective discourse.

The club, run by Ramon Sos, is fitted with spectacular sound equipment and its design recovers the look of the old Boîte (the Mas i Mas group’s first club, which was operating from 1991 to 2004 and became a reference for blues and Afro-American rhythms in the city). With all these ingredients, the new Boîte guarantees the best night-time sensations in Barcelona: uninhibited nights designed for the sensual enjoyment through quality music in a cosmopolitan, modern and very personal atmosphere. La Boite looks set to bring back the rhythm to the clubs of Barcelona. Look at the official webpage.

Dance in Barcelona

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