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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | November 17, 2019

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Differences Between American & Spanish Dining: Part 2

Differences Between American & Spanish Dining: Part 2
Rent Top Apartment team

Are you still curious about the cultural differences of American and Spanish dining? Here’s some more advice to help prepare you before you go out to order in Barcelona. Happy dining!


When it comes to dining experiences in America people stress the importance of fast service. This is due to the fast paced lifestyle and instant gratification that comes with American culture. The Spanish lifestyle is more relaxed in this sense, especially when it comes to service. In Spain, meals are treated as a social hour where friends, colleagues and families can relax and chat about their day. It’s not uncommon to spend a few hours at a meal drinking, eating small plates and or taking smoke breaks in between.Differences Between American & Spanish Dining  1


There are always jokes to be made about American sizes as they are notorious for drastically oversized portions and refills. It’s quite the opposite in Barcelona where usually everything is purchased a la carte and their meals consist of smaller plates. Refills do not exist here so if you would like another drink get ready to pay!Differences Between American & Spanish Dining  1


In Spain they often start off their day with light pastries and coffee. This holds them over until lunch, which is the largest meal of the day where heavier dishes are often consumed. Dinner includes smaller plates, which is also known as tapas. For reference think of slightly smaller American appetizers. This is very different in comparison to American cuisine where breakfast, lunch and dinner are often the same size.Differences Between American & Spanish Dining  3

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