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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 3, 2021

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Find the best croissants of Barcelona

Find the best croissants of Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

The delicious word “croissant” would surely take you to the Parisian boulevards, where the smell of puff pastry and butter penetrates your brain, producing an irrepressible desire to take a bite out of it. However, that feeling could (and must) also appear when you visit Barcelona. Here you will find some of the most appreciated and award-winning bakeries of the city, where the croissant doesn’t go unnoticed and becomes the best ally at any time of the day, from the morning coffee to the sweet brunch with your buddies.

Let’s deep in, with this 3 temples of the croissant that you cannot miss in Barcelona.

Hofmann Pastry Shop

Mey Hoffman was not wrong to found this emblematic bakery around one of the world’s most famous bakery schools. Its recognition is worldwide, thanks to the usage of the most refined materials and techniques. Located in the heart of Barcelona, it offers visitors croissants of all kinds: mango, cheesecake, sacher pastry, liquid chocolate, and our favorite, the mascarpone, which indulges all the senses with its cream.

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Ver Barcelona

La Pastisseria Barcelona

J. M. Rodríguez Guerola has been sweetening up the neighbours and tourists in the Eixample neighbourhood for some years now. Because a master pastry chef like him can’t let go of the honor of his professión as taking out some croissants of the oven that are like honey not only not just for the nose, but they simply melt in the mouth with an explosion of flavors. Among his favorites are the Catalan cream, cappuccino (perfect for the coffee drinkers) and, of course, the classic one with butter, crunchy, slightly sweet and with a reasonable quality-price ratio.

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Forn Baluard

Anna Bellsola, its founder, confesses that the secret lies in the butter and the love she dedicates to the process. Out of this curious mixture they prepare one of the most appreciated croissants by the locals. The smell of butter can be traced a few metres from the window. The nose does not deceive, when you enter and visualize its shapes and colours only one option remains, to give them a long bite. In the mouth, they are delicate, fine and brittle, tasting them little by little becomes a very satisfactory ritual.

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