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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 7, 2020

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Las Golondrinas, Barcelona sea view

Las Golondrinas, Barcelona sea view

Las Golondrinas began its services in 1888 to coincide with the Universal Exposition in Barcelona, Las Ramblas and the completion of the construction of the Columbus monument. Las Golondrinas has been, since then, a privileged witness of the changes that have experienced the stunning harbor and city: the 92 Olympics, the Agbar Tower Hotel WELA etc.. It is also a cultural and tourist area itself.

If you want to bring you great memories of Barcelona and discover the city from a different perspective, Las Golondrinas Embark is the company that for over a hundred years traveling and offers the most beautiful views in the city and curious. With our catamarans discover the Port and enjoy with kids, family and friends, a panoramic view of the city. In order to enjoy a compelling and intriguing views of Barcelona from a very different perspective, the Mediterranean sea, las Golondrinas offer two types of route: Harbour and Sea.

Barcelona harbour offers during 40 minuts a tour across the Port of Barcelona. This activity allows you to enjoy from the sea of the principal cultural emblems that can be seen walking along the Port. The itinerary shows the Maremagnum, the Bridge “Porta d’Europa”: an impressive drawbridge, the Tower of the Clock: the old lighthouse of the epoch of Carlos III and where nowadays there is the fishing fleet docks; a great views of the castle and of Montjuïc’s mountain where there is the current lighthouse of Barcelona; the hotel Wela, and the diverse sports clubs where tie the particular boats. In addition, the itinerary also shows the commercial wharves of merchant ships and the cruises of luxury that moor in Barcelona, fourth port of the world in traffic of tourist cruises.

Barcelona Sea offers during 1h 30min the opportunity to navigate across the port, the littoral and the beaches of Barcelona. The boats depart from the Portal de la Pau, close to Drassanes’s wharf under the monument of Colon, and cross 18 miles sailing along the coast of Barcelona showing the principal buildings that form the skyline of the city. It is a perfect activity for children, because it represents a unique opportunity to enjoy the nature and show very different views of the city.
The tour allows you to enjoy the city on board of our boats while you relax with a glass of wine or a soft drink. The route passes through the north entrance, the Hotel Wela, the famous beach of the Barceloneta with spectacular views of the Sagrada Familia, the Olympic port, headquarters of the sailing events at the Olympic Games 92, the Hotel Arts and the Tower Mapfre emblems of urban redevelopment district of Sant Martí, the Golden Fish of Frank Gehry, the Tower Agbar, the Maritime Walk, the Port Fòrum and much more for enjoy with the family of the nature and the culture of Barcelona. All information about the Golondrinas on the official webpage of the company.

Barcelona sea tour

Experience a luxury holiday in Barcelona, booking one of our exclusive and luxurious apartments in the city center, directly on the sea, or in any area of interest of Barcelona. You can not forget a unique experience in one of the most vibrant and beautiful city in the world. Rent Top Apartments is you ideal partner for a real top holiday.

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