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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | July 11, 2020

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Helpful Travel Apps

Helpful Travel Apps
Rent Top Apartment team

When traveling abroad, there may be some challenges to face due to cultural differences. That is what is so great about technology, specifically apps! There are new apps that are constantly being created to help people with their everyday lives. Have a question about public transportation? Are you facing a major language barrier or need help translating a menu? Not sure how much to tip or what the conversion rate is? Download these apps while traveling abroad to make your lives that much easier!

Helpful Travel Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps is a great tool for public transportation. It gives you all the travel options from taxis, metro, train, bus, walking and even scooter (lime)! It also includes outside options like Uber and Lyft. If you are trying to travel the fastest and cheapest way possible map your options with Google Maps.

Helpful Travel Apps

Google Flights

If you are trying to find multiple flight options use google flights. They compare tons of airline flight prices, times and dates to get you the best deal possible. A total necessity for the avid traveler.

Helpful Travel Apps

XE Currency

Traveling around the world may mean that you need to convert your currency. Have to use dollars, euros, pounds, or shekels and bad at math or not sure what the conversion rate is. Download a currency converter app to give you the most up to date conversion rates. No more needing to worry about over or underpaying again. Know your money’s worth!

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