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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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ICCC Madrid 2011

ICCC Madrid 2011
  • On June 7, 2011
ICCC 2011 Madrid

ICCC 2011 Madrid

Probably, we never think about the huge role of the cement. Without this great product, the current construction and architecture wouldn’t have created one of the most important industries worldwide.

As a good prove of this fact, every four years takes place a conference of cement experts and professionals that meet to interchange new trends and experiences about their area, during some days.

This event is the ICCC, and in this 2011 has arrived to its 13th edition. From the 3rd to the 8th of July, El Palacio de Congresos de la Castellana (the Madrid’s congress palace) will hold various speeches and a permanent exhibition composed by stands, all along the main hall, which will be used as a break and café area as well.

Madrid is a source of culture, good gastronomy, parks and life. Its people are known for their energy and open attitude that makes them a great hosts. For a perfect get away in Madrid, taking part of the congress and discovering the Spanish capital, we propose you to take a look to the Madrid city centre luxury apartments, available for those who want comfort, tranquillity and freedom. You can find flats to rent in Madrid in lots of areas of the city, and with different conditions to choose. The best option is to look for an apartment for you holidays in Madrid, near the ICCC’s location.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in the ICCC will be the cement’s hydration, the thermodynamics, the microstructures, or the new cementation matrixes.

The content of the event is interesting enough to persuade all the cement-related-professionals and technicians, and an obvious plus is the city where it is going to be placed.

Àngel Palomo is the president of this year’s celebration. On the other hand, some of the participants that will talk about specific issues are François Sorrentino, Anjan K. Chaterjee, or Sandra Lebreiro. Experts from Spain but also from foreign countries will join the ICCC to ensure that the very best of this field is concentrated in Madrid.

For this reason, the visitors may need to organize their days in the city, managing the ICCC programme, the personal schedule, and also leisure time for tourism and relax. The most privacy relax is only available in the holiday flats to rent in Madrid, luxury apartments with great views and idyllic locations that will make the days more easy and enjoyable.


Photos: Zaqarbal – César Astudillo







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