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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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Infinita Gay Week 2011 in Madrid

Infinita Gay Week 2011 in Madrid
  • On June 6, 2011

Madrid is one of the most important cities for the gay community. Famous streets and parts of the city show a great cultural and sexual diversity, becoming one of the homosexual revolution icons in Europe.

Probably, the most amazing and impressive event from and for this community in Spain is the Infinita Gay week of Madrid, which has been holding the very best of the gay music and trends for the last nine years.

Gay Week Madrid

Gay Week Madrid

This year, the event changes its location and moves to La Caja Mágica, a huge platform with different spaces to enjoy the event’s planning. Shows, concerts and relaxing moments are in the “menu” of the celebration. We have to mention the sensual Turn off the lights event, which will invite the public to experiment the feeling of a huge dark room, while being surrounded by the pick-me-up music from the masters Spanish and international DJs.

You can easily get to La Caja Mágica place both by bus and by metro. In any case, a very good accommodation option to ensure the most magic nights is one of the Madrid apartments to rent. Check which of these Madrid luxury apartments matches best with what you are looking for, and enjoy the Infinita Gay Week without any concerns.

Another proffer that will take place during the week has been named as La leche (translated as “the milk”). The only condition to attend this show is coming with white clothes. Another proposal that is likely to be one of the best of the event is the Space Orgullo (“praid space”), which will provide an outside terrace where the participants will let themselves feel the music, the fresh air and the great variety of cocktails, in a very relaxing atmosphere.

For most intimate moments, there is nothing better than the Madrid luxury apartments, available during the Infinita Gay week. The freedom of this option, and the quality of the range of city centre flats to rent, are perfect for visitors who want to escape from their day to day, and have some deserved time out, just being part of the Madrid’s festival.

A funny new activity of this year festival is the celebration of Míster Infinita 2011. Participants will have had to attend a meeting the 4th of June in La Royal, where professional photographers took pictures of the potential Misters in a photocall. After this “preparty”, the pictures will have been submitted in the Infiniti Gay Week Facebook, where its friends will have voted their favourite.The final winner will be presented during the festival.

Madrid, as we have said, is perfect for this gay festival. Visitors from different European countries that move to the city for the event cannot miss the Chueca neighbourhood, famous for its sexual diversity and homosexual activity through its bars, restaurants and shops. This area is also a new trends nest, and a dream-come-true during the party nights.

Remember that if you are looking for a funny, relaxing and unforgettable week in the Spanish capital, you can find several Madrid city centre luxury apartments, with all the comfort and the smartness you have been wishing.




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