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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 7, 2020

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Mediterranean at CosmoCaixa

Mediterranean at CosmoCaixa

These are the last few days to see one of the most sensational exhibitions of the year: Mediterranean at CosmoCaixa. If you are in Barcelona you can not miss it.

On December 10 Cosmocaixa opened the Mediterranean exhibition, a sample with interactive museology, live species and audiovisuals. The exhibition, that will be open from 11 to December 31 in Barcelona CosmoCaixa, offers visitors a glimpse of the sea from its origins, discovers its biological and geological features, and displays the current scientific research programs that promote its sustainability and highlight the importance of science to our environment and society.
Part of the exhibition is built by elements which have been direct contributions of visitors, as through different actions have resulted in modules that have been cocreated with the active participation of the public

The exhibition offers a broad view of the Mediterranean. Not only as a unique historic, cultural and human space, but also as a biologically fascinating area, although today several factors seriously threaten its environmental sustainability. By the fact of being a sea with very densely populated sea coasts, toghether with its size and such limited renewal capacity, currently it gets the higher rates of pollution and endangered species in the world.
The sustainability of the Mare Nostrum is certainly a major challenge, and this exhibition may change the way you look that sea.

The Mediterranean is much more than a sea. It is a biological and cultural space unusual and exciting. Find out how you can help Mediterranean to remains an exceptional place!
The richness and diversity of the Mediterranean is not only the life that inhabits its waters, but also the flora and fauna that inhabit the coast, marked by a temperate climate.
This exhibition will offer a broad perspective of the Mediterranean. Not only as a historical, cultural and human singular space, but also as a biologically fascinating area, that today several factors seriously threatens environmental sustainability.

Becouse its coasts are so densely populated, and its limited capacity for renewal, currently it has one of the rates of pollution and endangered species highest in the world. The sustainability of the Mare Nostrum is certainly a challenge, visit this exhibition will change the way you look at the sea. All informations on the CosmoCaixa official webpage.

CosmoCaixa is the science museum in Barcelona run by “la Caixa” Community Projects, and is designed to stimulate people’s knowledge and opinion of science through exhibitions and a wide variety of activities. CosmoCaixa offers its visitors a whole host of activities and permanent and temporary exhibitions to give anyone who is interested a greater insight into the world of science.

Highlights of exhibitions include the Flooded Forest (Bosc inundat), which recreates 1,000 m2 of an Amazonian rainforest ecosystem and features piranhas, crocodiles and other animal and plant species typical to the zone.

Science Museum of Barcelona

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