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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | December 4, 2020

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The new Encants market

The new Encants market

Barcelona loves its traditional markets, many of which have been restored to continue to be a living part of the city. Without a doubt the most distinctive, crazy and fun market are Als Encants de Glories.

From September 25 als Encants are in their new home, an extraordinary work of architecture that enriches the panorama of Barcelona. The “Encants vells” or Fira de Bellcaire from Plaça de les Glòries in Barcelona, is one of the oldest markets in Europe. From the fourteenth century is an example of Barcelona’s commercial dynamism. The new market “Encants Barcelona” is located in the old “Bosquet dels Encants”, at the intersection of Avenida Meridiana and Castillejos Street, in the Eixample district, and has a total area of 33,306 m2.

The project for the new “Fira de Bellcaire” Market provides a design where commercial activity is carried covered and shaded, under a large deck, while preserving the purchasing feeling outdoors. The commercial solution proposal puts street level an important part of the commercial offering, consisting of establishments and auction activity, as well as certain services (offices, restaurants, restrooms, multipurpose room) but without any building that acts as a closure, which form an open space that will have its main facade in Meridiana Avenue and Plaza de les Glories, an open area with good access to public transport. The rest of the commercial offering of the Encants Barcelona that now has the market (made up the rest of stalls and shops that are not street level) will be arranged along a continuous path in a very wide street, which rise from the level 0 of the square and down again. Finally the equipment of the Encants Barcelona have a clousure perimeter, that allows a security in the times when the market does not work. The auction is one of the peculiarities and the largest market hallmark of the Encants. From public, the auction is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and starts at 7:15 am until 9:00 about. It falls in the central courtyard of the market and exposed batches are auctioned in forty stalls empowered to that activity. Buyers can bid on the entire lot exposed, that from 9:00, will be detailed to the general public. Typically the lots are composed of antique furniture and second-hand, stocks factories, shops, clothes, shoes, tools, etc.., New or Used. Obviously first thing is when we find most curious objects and that as goes the auction, the lots are going detailing and the first objects to be sold are often the most sought after. The market of Encants is the only market in Europe where this type of selling arrangement works. Encants Barcelona opens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am to 20:00 pm. All info on the official webpage.

The old Encants Market

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