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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 7, 2020

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Open Day in Rent Top Apartments. Thanks!

Open Day in Rent Top Apartments. Thanks!
  • On June 4, 2014

We can write a lot about the exclusivity, comfort and the services of our apartments, but the best way to know them is undoubtedly from the inside. That’s why on Monday, we opened the doors of one of them, located in Paseo Garcia Faria, near Diagonal Mar. A 15th floor with accommodation for six people and astonishing sea views. Those who came to the event -well, we prefer to call it party because we had a really good time- enjoyed the fresh Mediterranean air, the amazing apartment and the delights of catering by Elias Forner. Moreover, they tasted a glass of delicious Lazarus, a wine of great quality with a beautiful story behind.

The guests hosted by our CEO Jordi Marzal, were impressed with the fantastic sea views and at the same time they highlighted the wide space of the apartment, which is not lacking in detail. “Air conditioning is not needed in here!, they said; noticing the fresh Mediterranean air. The event ran throughout Monday afternoon and gathered a large group of journalists, photographers and people related to the world of communication. We were fortunate to be accompanied by Eloy Valero (Monsieur Privé), Natalia Merino (Globe Comunicación), Enrique Cherubini (Revista LOVE); Andrea Juzga; Rosa Planas and Lissy Gallén (Fundación Sandra Ibarra), Montserrat Carreño (BCNpress) and Mariate Ruiz de Ojeda (MT Press ), inter alia. Thank to all of them for coming!

About Rent Top Apartments

Rent Top Apartments, a company with 10 years of experience, is focused on providing high quality accommodation and personalized services for leisure or business stays in the best areas of Barcelona and Madrid. We have exclusive apartments, penthouses and villas carefully selected as an alternative to the classic hotel. Luxury services and multilingual staff (Spanish, Russian, Arabic, German, Italian and French) are avalailable 24 hours a day to offer you the most confortable and pleasurable experience. Prices vary between 50 euros and 650 euros per night per person. Reservations can be made through the web site All apartments are new or completely refurbished and equipped. They have up to four bedrooms and are complemented by a wide variety of services. We have everything you need in order to guarantee you a #WorryFree experience!

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