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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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PHotoEspaña 2013

PHotoEspaña 2013

In Madrid, between June 5 and July 28, PHotoEspaña 2013, the XVI edition of the international festival of photography and visual arts, presents 74 exhibitions with works by 328 artists from 42 countries and an ample selection of public and professional activities. Lanzarote, Zaragoza and Prague are added to Madrid, Cuenca, Alcalá de Henares, and Alcobendas as venues of the festival.

PHotoEspaña, International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, set out to become a Festival generated by popular demand in 1998, and today it has earned its place as one of the most relevant visual arts events in the world. PHotoEspaña is one of the central international forums for photography. Each year the Festival attracts more than six hundred thousand people and receives acclaim from prestigious critics, making it the most popular cultural event in Spain.

PHotoEspaña is an exceptional occasion for discovering images, videos and installations created by outstanding national and international photographers and visual artists. Since the first edition of the Festival, more than one thousand exhibitions have been hosted in the city’s main museums, art centres and galleries. The shows are complemented by pedagogic and professional programs designed for diverse audiences.
In his last years as general curator of the festival, Gerardo Mosquera presents an exhibition program that revolves around the theme, Body. Eros and Politics, which look at the diversity with which photography has approached one of its major themes: the human body.
It could be argued that photography emerged from a passion for sexuality, expressed in the nude. PHE13 delves this year into eroticism but it also explores the erotic vision without a body, directed towards the world around us. Conversely, it shows non-erotic photographic creation whose protagonist is the human body. Beyond that which is erotic, the body and images thereof have been instrumental in the fights for gender liberation and vindication, sexual orientation and the battle against discrimination.

PHE will focus on these and other body politics as well as in the artistic practices in which the body is a cultural ground. As well as operating as an instrument of subjective affirmation and individual and collective confrontation in culture and society, the body constructs itself. Photography has documented the aggressions against the body, and while on occasion it might have fed a morbid voyeurism, it has also played a crucial role in exposing and condemning violence on a global scale. All these subjects have been touched upon by the art included in the festival, which appropriates this highly relevant aphorism: “the body is a battlefield”. All info on the official webpage of the Festival.

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