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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 25, 2019

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Sunday fun day!.. Piknic Electronik

Sunday fun day!.. Piknic Electronik

When we are walking up the hill I can clearly hear the music from afar. Although it’s hot and the hill is steep, our excitement keeps us going. When we finally arrive and get through the gates. It’s time to explore! There are two terraces, the lower one has activities for children, food trucks, a bar, market stalls and even a small DJ stage for the families who are visiting. There are picnic tables in the shade if you need to rest and escape the bright sunshine for a while. When we walk up the stairs to the other area we find the main stage, the dance floor, another bar and shaded areas where mist cools you down after dancing in the sun. Once we all get a drink we dance to the tunes of the Dutch DJ’s who are rocking the crowd. After a while we seek some shade and mist and I feel like we are in a tropical rainforest. It’s the middle of the afternoon and one of the hottest days of this year so far, so it’s important to keep cool when you can. The mist areas are a fantastic idea. The later it gets the busier the dance floor and the more excited the crowd. When the dancing gets me hungry we decide to go for a wander. On the lower terrace we find a picnic table in the shade and sit down to have some food. And good food at that. The burgers we buy from the hip food truck are delicious and freshly prepared. And they give us enough energy to dance away the rest of the day!


Dutch DJ’s WEVAL. Photo:


Food vans. Photo:



Burger and Sangria. Photo:


Market stalls. Photo:

Piknic Électronik is a festival that was founded in 2003 in Montreal, Canada. It takes place every Sunday afternoon during the summer months. As you might imagine with this name, Electronic music is what it’s all about. With a great line up of both local and international DJ’s it soon became a hit. Eventually the founders decided to expand to other cities in the world. First of all Barcelona and now also Melbourne, Dubai, Paris and Cannes. Apart from having great DJ’s, the location of Piknic Électronik also plays a big part in the popularity of this festival. In Montreal as well as in Barcelona, the festival is held in a nice park with green spaces and a view of the city. The organisers of Piknic Électronik are dedicated to organising a festival in a sustainable way with as little trash as possible to make sure the park is kept nice and clean.

The greatest thing about Picnic Électronik is that it feels like a very friendly festival. A place where everyone is welcome. Families with children can have a great time as well as younger people, groups of friends and people who come alone. It doesn’t matter. With a waterslide for the smallest guests, a climbing wall for slightly older kids and many other activities, parents can happily take their children and spend the afternoon here while they listen to the DJ’s playing their tunes. There is something to enjoy for everyone and there is a very relaxed, enjoyable vibe. Piknic Électronik has the perfect combination of great music with different DJ’s every week, delicious food, a lovely location with shady areas, affordable drinks, yummy sangria and clean facilities.


What fun! Photo:


Robert Hood rocking the crowd. photo:

Who doesn’t love to party, dance in the sunshine, have some cold drinks and soak up the summer on a Sunday afternoon in the park?!

To visit Piknic Électronik:

Buy your tickets online at
The festival is on every Sunday until the 20th of September

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