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Renting a car in Madrid

Renting a car in Madrid
  • On December 6, 2011

Renting a car in Madrid

Renting a car in Madrid

In previous articles, we have talked about the possible excursions available to do from Madrid. Most of them are not far from the city, but the most comfortable option to travel keeps being the car, as it gives you total flexibility regarding the schedules, and the stops you can realize during the journey. Moreover, you can decide the specific route to follow.

In Madrid, there are different companies offering cars for rent. One of them is Europcar: In this company, you can rent cars from one day and up to as many days as you want, and choose between different types, from Audis, to ecological cars. Also the families can find their perfect car in Europcar.

Another company is Atesa. It works with Citröens, Peugeot and Mercedes, and also rents vans. They offer the possibility to rent the car and start using it from the airport, something that can be really useful to get comfortably to your apartment in Madrid.

Autos Alcala is another agency specialized in the car renting, which offers both cars without driver, and with driver. This last option is thought for luxury travels or tours, weddings, etc.

Finally, Ancora is specialized in the van’s renting, although they also work with the Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa and Renault Megan models. You can also rent a minibus if you are part of a large group.

Renting a car in Madrid

Renting a car in Madrid

If you fancy having more freedom in your transport, you may also love staying in a top rent apartment in Madrid, with all the facilities, a quite and nice terrace and amazing views of the city.

Besides, more space for you, more comfort for you family or friends, no control nor schedules, and the feeling of living in Madrid as if you were a real “madrileño”. The perfect days in the Spanish capital are waiting for you and your rent car!


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