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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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On the roof of Santa María del Mar

On the roof of Santa María del Mar

Tours entitled Les terrasses de Santa Maria del Mar i els nous descobriments del Gòtic català (The terraces of Santa María del Mar and the new discoveries in Catalan Gothic) will take place on Saturday the 16th of November and Saturday the 7th of December, at 5 pm and 4.30 pm respectively.

The itinerary, which starts at the main gates of the Santa Maria del Mar cathedral and lasts for approximately an hour and a half, takes in the interior of the basilica, continuing to the rooftop, from where participants can enjoy new historical and artistic perspectives on medieval society in Barcelona. Details of the recent investigations into Catalan Gothic style religious and civil architecture from both conceptual and construction perspectives will be revealed during the course of the tour.

The view from the roof of the Santa María del Mar basilica allows a better appreciation of Catalan Gothic architecture in the medieval period and direct contact with the internal structure as well as the roof and pillars of the basilica offer the visitor a closer perception of the marks left by the passage of time, for example, the earthquake in the 14th century which severely damaged the façade, the rose window and the vaults.

In recent years new research has reported the originality of our religious and civil architecture, from the conceptual point of view to the constructive. Investigations have led to the discovery of new witnesses, whom have helped rewrite our artistic history.
After marveling at the interior of the Basilica of Santa María del Mar, we will have an exclusive opportunity to view the terraces. From there we can understand the exceptional originality of Catalan Gothic architecture in the medieval period, exploring its depths, stepping on to the roofs, playing with its pillars, and looking closely at the printings of time, revealing the ravages of the 15th century earthquake, the rosette, and turns.
A spectacular view, as we learn the medieval city from a new perspective! All information on the official Barcelona Tours webpage.

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