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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | March 29, 2020

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Saint Roch Festivities, the ancient heart of Barcelona

Saint Roch Festivities, the ancient heart of Barcelona

As we have already said, summer is the season of Fiestas Mayores. In Barcelona, almost every neighborhood has its own festivity and the oldest of all is the Barrio Gótic’s one: the Saint Roch Festivities, five days full of activities in the Barri Gòtic which date back to 16th Century.

Fiesta Mayor en Barcelona

Saint Roch Festivities, the ancient heart of Barcelona

The event, which has more than four centuries of history, has survived almost unchanged to meet this year its 423th edition. From 14 to 18 august, the Plaça Nova will be the main place of the ceremonies. Since 1589 without a break, always around Saint Roch’s Day (August 16th), the neighbourhood pays tribute to the saint with a celebration that keeps up several traditions, many of which dating back to centuries ago. You will find the children’s greasy pole, the Saint Roch Entourage and the dog’s party, a traditional salute to the Saint Roch’s dog.

You’ll even find many of the oldest traditions of Catalonia, as the Porró Llarg (a wine pitcher with a long spout), the Cu-cut Dwarf (the most popular figure in these celebrations, restored 26 years ago) and the raise of the Saint Roch’s heraldic flag. The parade of big puppets on the streets of the center, the so-called Nam Cu-Cut is one of the events that every year will amaze the thousands of tourists who flock to the historic city center of Barcelona.

All of this, obviously, apart from the street bands, Sardanas dancing, craft market, the chocolate party, the habaneras singing, contests, workshops, children’s games, the fire-runner and the end of the party with a dance, all of which complete the celebrations.

Fiesta Mayor en Barcelona

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Of course, if you want to really enjoy these incredible parties, you have to choose one of our beautiful apartments in the city center to easily reach these unique and characteristic events of the life of Barcelona.

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