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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona Madrid | January 29, 2015

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Sant Medir Dolça Festa

Sant Medir Dolça Festa
  • On February 28, 2012
barcelona events  Sant Medir Dolça Festa

Festival of Gracia

Like every year on the 3rd of March the Sant Medir Dolça Festa (The Sant Medir Sweet Festival) takes place in the vibrant neighborhood of Gracia. This event, mostly even unknown just outside of Barcelona, is the perfect happening should you be visiting Barcelona with kids. But in any case, this quirky tradition is bound to be fun due to the colorful costumes worn by people participating in the parade, the animating music and the considerable amount of sweets handed out.

As the story goes, the owner of a local bakery fell sick and prayed for the help of Sant Medir being in desperate need of a miracle that would cure him. So he promised to visit the saint`s shrine situated in the mountains, if he would be helped. In 1830 when he finally felt better, he went on his first pilgrimage. Over the years he was joined by his family and an ever-increasing number of people until his lonely journey evolved into a popular procession throughout Gracia.

Nowadays there is a parade that takes place in the day-time between 9 am and 13 am following the main streets and squares of Gracia neighborhood such as Sarria-Sant Gervasi and the Bordeta. A big number of horses, carriages and floats along with a band that plays music along the way form the parade. People taking part in the parade are organized in various different groups, each representing the local club that they belong to. They chuck sweets at bystanders, who try to catch as many as possible with their upturned umbrellas.  Like its tradition, the main parade takes place during night time, starting at the intersection of Gran de Gràcia and Carrer de Maurizio Serrahima and finishing at Plaza de Salmeron, where they are greeted by the Mayor of Barcelona and other important authorities of Barcelona.

barcelona events  Sant Medir Dolça Festa

Sweets festival Barcelona

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