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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | October 29, 2020

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Sant Medir Festival

Sant Medir Festival

La Festa de Sant Medir is known as the “La festa més dolça” (the Sweetest Festival), because of the 100 tons of goodies and candies that are trew away every year during the colourful Sant Medir parade. So, this event is the perfect happening should you be visiting Barcelona with kids.

A big number of horses, carriages and floats along with a band that plays music along the way form the parade. People taking part in the parade are organized in various different groups, each representing the local club that they belong to. There are various activities, from January 4th to March 24, but the biggest event is the evening parade through Gràcia on 3 March.

By the year 1828, in urbanized the surroundings of Gran de Gràcia Street, moved to the number 111 (street corner Sant Marc) a furnace owned by the founder of the first colla (parade), Josep Vidal i Granés, son of the Parish Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. The pastry cook did not enjoy good health and being so devoted to Sant Medir he promised that if he cured, each 3 March (feast of the Holy) would go to his hermitage in the Sierra de Collserola and he would ride to a horse around the neighborhood and he would announce his promise. The year 1830, when he was feeling better, he began what would be the first pilgrimage. The next year was acompanyado by family and friends, creating the first colla, that of Vidal. So, year after year, were added friends, neighbors, acquaintances … to form other colles in Gracia, Sarria, Sant Gervasi, Sants.

Sant Medir Festival

Actually 26 colles actively participate in Feast of Sant Medir on 3 March in districts of Barcelona, Gracia, Sarria-Sant Gervasi and Bordeta. The party starts early morning with the formation of different colles on their social premises to begin the parade in the different neighborhoods. The Sant Medir cavalcade is formed by the band of the local police, the horses of the collas and all trucks one after another, each with the name of colla to be identified. From 11 hours of the morning, candies and sweets are thrown in the streets and squares, where people often give away cookies or wine to sweeten the road. When the cavalcade is finished, near the 13 noon, there is a mass in honor of our Patron and a commemorative’s loop is delivered to the participants.

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