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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 24, 2020

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Shop At Local Markets

Shop At Local Markets
Rent Top Apartment team

Barcelona is known for their rich food and wine culture. They offer the freshest products from fruits, vegetables, bread, sweets, meat, and fish. The Catalan tradition takes a lot of pride in their cuisine and make it a priority to purchase from local vendors. Food markets can be located in every neighborhood of the city along with smaller mom and pop shops on street corners. The assortment is endless whether it be fresh fish from the sea or vegetables driven down from the farms in the countryside outside of the city. Shop locally for the best and freshest products even if its only once a week! Here’s a few markets to checkout while in Barcelona.

Shop At Local Markets

Mercat de la Boqueria

Mercat de la Boqueria is located in El Raval on the busiest street in Barcelona, La Rambla. It’s become one of the most famous local food markets and a huge tourist destination. Get lost in the aisles and eat your way through the very end! Grab a freshly made smoothie or munch on an empanada that have been lifted right out of the oven into your hands.

Shop At Local Markets

Mercat de Sant Antoni

A very popular market that just reopened in May 2018, located in the Eixample neighborhood. The market underwent major reconstruction and now also offers a book and trinket market as well. So you can grab a bocadillo and enjoy a new book all in the same place.

Shop At Local Markets

Mercat de Sant Andreu

This is a smaller market that holds a more local atmosphere. Nonetheless it offers quality products and holds a variety of shops, stalls and bars. Some specialties there would be the chocolate and tea shops that sell high quality pastries.

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