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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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SIMM Madrid 2011

SIMM Madrid 2011
  • On June 17, 2011

As it has been taking place for decades, IFEMA is organizing this year the 66th edition of the SIMM, the Madrid International Fashion Fair. From the 1st to the 3rd of September, around 450 fashion companies and up to 600 brands, are meeting in this key event, considered among the three top fashion celebrations currently existing in Europe.

Every day, visitors will have access to the exhibition from 9.30am to 7.30pm. During all the day long, they will be submerged in a “sea” of new trends, style and arts, through the different sections the fair is composed by: “Man”, male fashion; “Moon & Sun”, for intimate female fashion; “Natural”, from natural materials pieces, etc.

Two of the most important sections are “Agents” and “Ego”. The first one represents the traditional and consolidated brands now operating in Europe, a guarantee of quality and prestige, while the second one introduces the new talented young names of the industry.

SIMM 2011

SIMM 2011

SIMM is set in Madrid thanks to the city’s well-known confluence of inspiration, creativity and fashion innovation. Its streets are elegant catwalks full of luxury shops, such as Giorgio Armandi, Versace, Hermès or Chanel. At the end of each fair’s day, the participants will feel the glamour of this city.

In the evening and night, Madrid dresses up as an explosion of music, dance, party and social life. The intense living philosophy of Spain mixes with the fashion delicatessens that can be seen in different exclusive locals.

To rest and get ready for the following day in SIMM, foreign participants can get some information about the luxury apartments to rent in Madrid. They are holiday flats available in privileged venues and magic corners, allowing the guests to own, for a few days, a top five stars private accommodation, with everything at their disposal and a beautiful decoration.

Either you are a fashion lover or a related professional, you shouldn’t definitely miss this extraordinary event in Madrid, which is gaining participants in every new edition. Plan your three days in the city with itineraries to the shops, museums, galleries and more, to get a 360º complete experience.



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