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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | December 4, 2020

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The Sitges Carnival

The Sitges Carnival

The Sitges Carnival is an amazing show that lasts a week from 7 to 14 February. This is one of the funniest and most known carnivals in Spain. The narrow streets of the charming seaside village of Sitges are filled with carriages, dances and costumes, with activities for all kinds of people, from young children, to those who want to sunrise on the beach after a wild party night.

Sitges, couse its international events like the Horror Movies Festival and its great gay community, is an important destination for turism and fun, and it is just half an hour by train from Barcelona. All the Carnival Parades (Rúas) are a real exhibition of artistic and aesthetic creativity. Wealth of costumes, makeup, feathers, sequins, bold fantasy models, improbable theater stages over mobile platforms.

• On the “Fat Thursday“, His Majesty Carnestoltes arrives accompanied by the Carnival Queen. Once completed, His Majesty and his entourage goes to the City Hall where they take possession of the City Council and speach to all the inhabitants with the reading of the “predicot“.

• The “Carnival Sunday” is a special day, couse is the day of the Rua de la Disbauxa, with dozens of carriages and thousands of masked participants, covering the city center, expecially dedicated to the schools and the children.

• The “Mardi Gras“, is when the Rua del Extermini goes out, with the same route that the Sunday, but with the greatest number of visitors.

• The “Ash Wednesday” ends the Sitges Carnival, celebrating the Carnestoltes’s burial.

Beyond these official pointings, during all the Carnival week, Sitges is full of outdoor activities, on the beach and on the streets, but even in the many bars and clubs of the village, and all night long.

You can find the Carnival official program on the Sitges City Hall webpage.

Sitges apartments and villas

The Sitges Carnival is a party that you will not ever forget. You can book one of our luxury apartments in Barcelona and take the trains, wich throughout all the day and night bring you to Sitges in just half an hour. Otherwise, you can choose to book one of our villas directly in the prettiest village on the coast of Barcelona, and not miss a minute of this amazing party.

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