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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | September 26, 2020

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SUMMA Art Fair Madrid

SUMMA Art Fair Madrid

SUMMA 2013 is the best Art Fair in Madrid and will take place from
19th to 22nd September at Matadero in Madrid. SUMMA promotes a new contemporary fair that meets the demands of a new wave of collectors, eager to know the new values of art and to contribute to the change in the relationships and practices of acquiring art and dealing with galleries. The fair delves into new media, technology and photography.

SUMMA Art Fair intends to introduce new international talents to an audience interesed in art from all over the world, which will make Madrid the conclave for contemporary art, with an exhibition that seeks commercial and artistic success. Art Fairs, wich organizes the event, responds to the need of creating a new contemporary art fair during the month of September, coinciding with the start of Madrid galleries and museums season, and positioning itself at the beginning of the art fairs’ season. Furthermore, September is a month full of proposals and events in the luxury goods field, and until this moment, lacked of an important European fair. SUMMA Art Fair intends to contribute with freshness and dynamism to the Spanish scene.

With more than five years of experience organizing art fairs that were specialized in specific formats of the arts, ArtFairs is ready to take a step forward in its strategy to promote the Arts and its appropriate commercialization, giving all its experience and energy to create a unique and inviting international.
A international selection committee will be responsible for setting up a General Program through a rigorous selection of international galleries. The novelties are introduced through the section named Up devoted to young emerging art galleries with pioneer contemporary artists. A photography section MadridFotoand Design another one dedicated to will complete the range of proposals for the SUMMA Art fair.
Two independent curators, Agustín Pérez Rubio, former director of MUSAC Museum, and Alexia Tala, Artistic Director at Plataforma Atacama, will comission the Transversal and Emerging. Transversal programs respectively, by invitation only to the project rooms that will be extended along each of the sections that form SUMMA.
Each of the sections that make up the fair, will give the show an apparent uniformity and balance that hides in its background a wide spectrum of varied proposals, promoting the needed synergies to produce a fair with the effervescence, dynamism and possibilities that our time calls for.

SUMMA Art Fair takes place in the general project of  Matadero Madrid and will occupy two of its warehouses.
The structure and disposition of the warehouses, designed by young Spanish architects, represent a unique location that nourishes the exhibition space with natural light, connected by a courtyard that articulates and communicates the spaces, favouring networking and exchange among its visitors. You can reach all information about SUMMA Art Fair Madrid on the official webpage of the event.

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