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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 3, 2020

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Barcelona city center apartments

SIL 2012, Barcelona

June 1, 2012 |

La 14th SIL edition presents its slogan “Logisitcs = Profitability” that stresses the importance of the International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition which, year after year, generates a large volume of business for those companies participating in the event and … Read More

Special bars and restaurants in Barcelona

August 22, 2011 |

Only the most experienced customers are capable to find out and recommend those unique places where you can take a drink, breakfast, lunch or dinner surrounded by a very special atmosphere. Sometimes because of the food, sometimes because of the … Read More

Original version cinema in Barcelona

August 10, 2011 |

Visiting Barcelona means an experience of an intense mix of inspirations, cultures, trends and proposals. Sea and mountain, history and future, high buildings and tiny streets… You can find everything in Barcelona, but it is important to know where you … Read More

Art in Barcelona (II)

July 20, 2011 | 1

As we told you a few days ago, a good idea to discover another face of Barcelona is by participating in a cultural tour that includes the main museums of the city. After talking about the CaixaForum or the Arts … Read More

Art in Barcelona (I)

July 19, 2011 | 2

Barcelona has a huge cultural agenda distributed through the main theatres and the small alternative showrooms, the famous museums, and the still unknown galleries, the auditory and the bars with only a tiny stage for amateur artists. All together create … Read More