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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | June 18, 2018

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Takashi Ochiai: Japanese cakes in Barcelona

Takashi Ochiai: Japanese cakes in Barcelona
  • On January 22, 2012

Today, we want to introduce you a very special shop. It is a mix between a bakery and a coffee shop, where one can find exclusive deserts from Japan. Its owner, Takashi Ochiai, combines his talent making Japanese delicatessen, with a cafeteria service adapted to the Catalan traditional taste: This way, Japan and Catalonia find each other in a place that invites you to experiment and discover. We really recommend you to try the Takashi Ochiai products either taking a coffee in its shops, buying some delicious cakes, or buying some Japanese deserts.

Takashi Ochiai

Takashi Ochiai

But in this article, we want to focus on the Japanese deserts, as they have been the stars of the popularity of this brand:

One of them is the “Daifuku”. They are rice’s flour pastries with soy inside.

If you have in mind the famous “Doraemon” cakes, better ask for “Dorayaki”. They are biscuit pastries also filled with soy.



An original cake is the “Fumanju”. It is a rice flour cake with yomogui and azuki, and a very curious presentation. Find it out for yourself!

“Misumanju” is the name of a desert with the appearance of a ball, made by agar agar and water, combined with either green tea or gooseberry.

If you fancy a desert with tea but prefer another texture, we suggest you to try the “Kastera de té verde”, a green coloured desert with the texture of a piece of cake.

Another suggestion to try a genuine Japanese desert is the “Oyatsu de Sakura”, a pastry with Sakura flower, so typical from the Japanese landscape and traditions. It just brings to your palate, the beauty and fragrance of the spring in Japan.

The list of products is huge and the best way to discover all of them is by visiting the Takashi Ochiai shop in the Compte Urgell, 110 of Barcelona. You can ask for a special pack to bring to your apartment and surprise your mates with an original desert for your dinner.

Besides, you have to know that Takashi Ochiai works as well as a provider for most of the best Japanese restaurants of the city, which offer Ochiai’s products in their deserts menu.

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