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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | January 16, 2021

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The best restaurants in Barcelona under 30€

The best restaurants in Barcelona under 30€
Rent Top Apartment team

Barcelona has become an important place for gastronomy. Its restaurants are part of the charm of this multicultural city. If you think that eating well in restaurants is synonymous of an expensive bill, Barcelona is not the case. So we’ve prepared a list of 5 restaurants where you can eat the most delicious and varied dishes for less than 30 euros. Do you want to join us?

La Soperí

La Soperí is more than a restaurant, with soup as its main attraction, this temple of good eating prepares its dishes with fresh and seasonal produce. The other axis of soperi is the cocktail bar, the combinations they prepare are simply amazing, like true alchemists they have a selection of artisan alcohol, macerations and elixirs, all part of their flavors orchestra. It is a must try for anyone curious about gastronomy who wants to go further and taste both innovative and delicious flavors.

la soperi restaurant barcelona

Guía Repsol

Masala 73

Masala 73 is a unique curry  bar in the heart of Barcelona that started out as a foodtruck and became a reference point. They try to transport you with their flavourful dishes to the city of species and colors like Bangladesh. Stop by any time of the day and enjoy some of their star dishes such as chicken tikka masala or the mumbai pump.

indian restaurant in barcelona

El Tenedor

Nikkei 103

To speak of Nikkei cuisine is to speak of a fusion of nations, traditions and tastes. In Nikkei 103 Peruvian and Japanese cuisine converge to offer you the best culinary proposal in the city of Barcelona with formulas that will not leave you indifferent like the Ceviche nikkei made from cubed tuna, tiger milk, ginger, wasabi kizami and avocado.

japanese restaurant barcelona

El Tenedor

Gastrobar Origen

Living in a city with a giant supply of food forces you to look behind the meal, its quality and origins. With the same objective in mind, Gastrobar Origen starts out by looking for products that are committed to ethical production and have respect for traditions. From all over the Iberian Peninsula they gather the best recipes. Here you can eat and enjoy as a local, with a selection of sausages, artisan cheeses and preserves of the highest quality.

traditional restaurant barcelona

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Ceviche 103

Another of the gastronomic gems of the city of Barcelona at an irresistible price is Ceviche 103. From the old continent they bring the authentic Peruvian cuisine, which surprises even the most demanding foodies. Try not to forget authentic dishes such as ceviche or sautéed pork loin.

peruvian restaurant barcelona

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