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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | August 3, 2020

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The Madrid’s Planetary

The Madrid’s Planetary
  • On November 30, 2011

Visiting a city is something that lets you live plenty of new experiences. The traditional way to do it is by following the standard sightseeing tour, but this put you boundaries to find out the most secret opportunities. This is why we like to recommend things to do for your days in Madrid and Barcelona, which probably are not reflected in the published touristic guides.

A good recommendation is to check regularly the agenda of the city you are about to visit, in order to be aware of events and activities that can be interesting for you or your little ones.

One of these activities is the Astronomy Workshop for children, which takes place in the Madrid’s Planetary. In the workshop, the young participants attend simulations in a huge screen where the whole universe is projected: the lunar cycle, the observation of the constellations and the astronomical observatory are some of the parts contained in the event. Moreover, they will learn to recognize planets and stars, and will receive plenty of information about the secrets behind the universe.

The aim of the activity is to figure out a mystery related to the universe. To achieve it, the children will have at their disposal, the Astronomer’s Manual. When the activity finishes, the wish is to have transmitted to the children, the love to the Astronomy.

This great workshop takes place every Saturday from 12.30h to 13.30h, and is free. However, as the maximum number of participants is 15, you need to do a reservation in advance.

Planetary Madrid

Planetary Madrid

This beautiful workshop is a fantastic way to integrate into the Madrid’s day to day life. The city has an end-less list of cultural and familiar activities for their inhabitants that all you can also attend. Another way to integrate into the Madrid’s reality is by staying in a holiday apartment to rent or touristic rental. Our range of top rent apartments in Madrid will surprise you thanks to the incredible decoration, smartness, and their privileged location. All of the luxury flats to rent are provided will all you will need, and are thought to make your days unforgettable. If you travel with children, don’t hesitate in booking a private top rent apartment, as they will give you the freedom, warm and intimacy that a normal hotel cannot have.

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