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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | June 18, 2018

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The Torelló Carnival

The Torelló Carnival
  • On February 12, 2012

Shortly, one of the most famous and followed carnivals in Catalonia will take place. It is known as the “Carnaval de terra endins”, and it will be inaugurated at February 6 officially. However, the activities won’t start until Thursday 16 of February, the day for the old people’s carnival.

The two most popular events will take place on Friday 17 and Saturday 18. The Friday’s one is called “Senyoretes i Homenots” and is the craziest and funniest day of the carnival. The aim of the “Senyoretes i Homenots” is to look as the opposite genre. It means the boys have to wear a girl’s costume (with wigs, skirts and so on) and the girls have to wear as a boy. It is more or less, “the world upside down”.

The Torelló Carnival

The Torelló Carnival

But the major event is reserved for the Saturday’s afternoon and night. All kind of people from all ages meet in a parade where plenty of groups show their carriages and costumes related to a specific theme. All together march through the Torelló town dancing with music and having fun. After a pair of hours, the jury decides which group had the better theme, carriage, costume design and choreography and therefore, which one deserve to win the carnival’s contest.

At the end of the parade, young people go to special tents displayed for the Carnival occasion, to drink, dance and let the night become magic.

The Torelló Carnival

The Torelló Carnival

If you are staying for holidays in a touristic luxury apartment in Barcelona, you can travel by bus, train or taxi to Torelló and live this great event during the weekend. There is not much more than 1 hour from Barcelona to this town and the experience will surely be amazing. After the carnival you can come back to your short term rental in Barcelona and keep enjoying your days in Catalonia!

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