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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | June 17, 2019

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Top 3 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona

Top 3 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

Do you need a dose of good Mexican food wherever you are? Barcelona is the right place. There is a wide variety of Mexican restaurants, from street food to the most creative cuisine. In today’s post, we will show you our favorites.

Hoja Santa / Niño Viejo

Let’s start from the top. The Hoja Santa is an example of Mexican gastronomic excellence. Thanks to their effort and creativity they have received the first Michelin Star. The tasting menu is their business card, it evolves constantly and in each of its versions is a unique gastronomic experience.

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Influenced by the food of Southeastern Mexico, it represents the most accurate representation of the origins of its gastronomy. Its mole sauces are true works of art, with more than 100 ingredients. Are you ready to discover them?

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Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana

La Taqueria

It’s an example of good Mexican street food. You will notice them for the appearance and design of the place that will transport you directly to the streets of Sinaloa. You can try their good selection of homemade tacos at a very affordable price.

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