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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | July 5, 2020

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Top 3 speakeasy bars in Barcelona

Top 3 speakeasy bars in Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

The concept of a speakeasy bar originated in New York City during the prohibition movement in the United States. A speakeasy at the time was a bar that sold alcohol illegally. Many business during that time would have secret passageways from their original establishment to a hidden room that contained a bar in the back. Although many speakeasy´s have shut down, a few still stand and offer the concept of a cool, secretive and historic environment for people to enjoy. Below are a list of some of the most innovative speakeasy ́s of Barcelona

El Paradiso

El Paradiso, known for being a casual pastrami lunch cafe offers a hidden secret behind one of its fridges doors. The classic entrance has you walk straight to the back into a fridge door to access its hidden bar. The cocktails are spectacular and as innovative as taking re-distilled whiskey and converting it into a tea sorbet. You can grab yourself a delicious pastrami sandwich and enjoy your favorite cocktail simply by opening up and fridge door.

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El Armario

El Armario is kept so secret, there are no photos, videos, or permanent location for this ever changing secretive bar. One of the craziest concepts is that the owners simply open when they feel like it, there are no set times for business. You enter the bar through a hole in the wall from the owner’s wardrobe, and once you enter you find an exclusive bar with marvelous prices. This is one of the most exclusive bars and if you are in the right place at the right time you may be lucky enough to experience it.

Pipa club

Pipa club is a private smokers club and one of Barcelona’s most known speakeasy. Not only is this place a secret bar it also provides a secret club. The bar is found in the heart of Barcelona on the 3rd floor of a random apartment building. Once you arrive you simply buzz the apartment and you will be let in to experience not only a bar but a club that contains a pool as well. The bar offers live jazz shows and is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the chic vibe of a speakeasy.

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