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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | May 20, 2019

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Typical things of Barcelona

Typical things of Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

Each city has its own traditions and Barcelona is not less! A special tradition has appeared in its neighbourhoods and it will inspire you anyware in the city. Let’s see and uncover a list of 5 of the most characteristic things of Barcelona.

Green parrots
These little birds have been living in the city since 1975. They can be easily spotted by their amusing chants, their exotic color and making the passers-by smile. Their procreation speed alerted the city council. So that is why many parrots carry a recognition plaque.

It is a game that came up on Barceloneta beach. The rules are like those of volleyball, but it is played in pairs with a tennis ball. It is definitely a good way to burn calories in summer.

barcelona typical

They have already become part of the city. No local is surprised to see endless queues and flashes in front of the Sagrada Familia or the Pedrera.

Reformed bullfighting squares
At the beginning of 2012 a law that dictated the prohibition of bullfights was approved. After this, bullrings, like Las Arenas, were reinvented and became a shopping mall with breathtaking views to the city.

Adventurous wild boars
Barcelona is a city surrounded by nature, sea and mountains. From the hills of Collserola these little animals usually come down to look for food. As a result, they have surprised and frightened some of the inhabitants. These animals have arrived to Plaza Cataluña once!

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