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Rent Top Apartments Barcelona | April 3, 2020

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Weekend flea markets in Barcelona

Weekend flea markets in Barcelona
Rent Top Apartment team

You’re in Barcelona + the calendar says it’s weekend + you like vintage stuff = you can’t miss our weekend flea markets selection!

Flea Market (second hand, vintage and crafts)

Flea Market was one of the first trend-setting markets in the city! It is held on the first and second Sunday of each month and it’s location could not be more appealing, they’re always held in the old quarters of Barcelona. Here you can find both second-hand objects and articles made by artisans.

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Lost & Found (second hand and vintage)

The & Found is hosted at the Estación de França, one of the oldest train stations in Barcelona. Here mostly sellers of second-hand clothes gather. As they say, old things always come back into fashion!

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Palo Alto Market (gastronomy, crafts)

Palo Alto Market is perhaps the market with the most choice of all. The foodtracks and tapstations offer tasty street food and craft beer. Among the stands the artisans sell their creations, from bracelets to clothes with prints.

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